What causes wine intolerance? Are you allergic to wine?

As a result, sinus infections can develop for three to 12 weeks in a number of cases. If you experience sinus pain after drinking alcohol, it is best to consult a doctor to determine the cause of the discomfort. Milk thickens mucus, which can result in sinus pressure and congestion. As a result of their […]

Long-term alcohol consumption alters dorsal striatal dopamine release and regulation by D2 dopamine receptors in rhesus macaques Neuropsychopharmacology

Alcohol acts as a depressant on your central nervous system, inhibiting neurological impulses necessary for normal brain function. It interferes with the brain’s communication pathways, altering both your mood and behavior. The fermentation process produces ethanol, a clear liquid also known as grain alcohol or ethyl alcohol. Therefore, scientists are paying increasing attention to the […]

Best Alcohol Rehab Centers In Missouri: Top 10 MO Detox Facilities

Before the American Revolution, heavy drinking was perceived as normal by most colonists. However, drunkenness was perceived as a personal failing, a lack of willpower, or even a sin. After the American Revolution, American thought pivoted on the idea of alcohol consumption, and people began seeing alcohol as an addictive and poisonous drug. Residential programs […]

Alcohol Use Disorder Learn About Alcoholism and How to Overcome

More and more resources are becoming available to those struggling with substance use problems. The future of addiction recovery is becoming increasingly brighter. Through it all, however, be sure to take care of yourself and your mental health. Remember that relapse is part of recovery for many individuals, and your loved one may be one […]

Alcohol Abuse and Dependence Alcohol Use Disorder

I used to allow myself black coffee and tea, but as you probably won’t be surprised to learn, I’ve quit caffeine now too. I was drinking about a liter of cold brew a day (I made it myself using Toddy’s “system” and cheap coffee) and figured that that couldn’t be good. I don’t miss it […]